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Andy Smith Author of The Lost Worshipper

Andy Smith

Andy Smith The Lost Worshipper(foreword by Dr. Judith Christie McAllister) Judith Christie McAllister (born September 29, 1963 as Judith F. Christie) is an American Pentecostal gospel musician, the leader of Never Ending Worship, and she is the President of the International Music Department for the Church of God in Christ. Her first album, Send Judah First, was released by Judah Music Records in 2001. She released, Raise the Praise, with Judah Music Records in 2003. The third album, In His Presence: Live!, was released in 2006, and this was a Billboard magazine breakthrough release upon the Gospel Albums and two others. Her fourth album, Sound the Trumpet, was released in 2011 with Shanachie Records, and this charted upon the aforementioned chart.

Andy Smith is an Author, Worship Leader, Evangelist, Psalmist and his purpose and passion in the Kingdom as one of God’s end-time prophetic voices. God has taken a young, ordinary man and entrusted in him an extraordinary anointing through the ministry of Prophetic Worship. There is certainly oil upon his life. He’s literally tearing down barriers and destroying the yokes of bondage across the United States. Psalmist Andy has ministry at heart and he carries an undeniable grace upon him. Consistently he taps into the vein of God through worship and proclaim the acceptable year of the Lord. Be uplifted, changed, healed, delivered and directed as you experience the Prophetic Worship ministry of Psalmist Andy Smith.


About The Lost Worshipper The Pressures, Passions, & Powers Of A Worship Leader is a thought-provoking argument that brings a new light to the benefits and burdens of operating in the music ministry. Psalmist Andy with distinctive detail unveils the misplaced passions that are consistently hindering progress. As a consequence, he also address lack of productivity of worship leaders worldwide. We were all created to worship is his belief.  However, what happens when our lifestyles become non-effective to the unbelievers as well as our ministry surroundings? Allow this tool to serve as a compass of direction, medicine of healing.  This book is a pathway to deliverance for your daily walk as you strive to strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ.